Inasoft is a provider of innovaitve web solutions for various online companies. A people- and detail-oriented small software company, Inasoft helps these businesses get the solutions and information they need as they run their businesses on the Internet. Founded in 1997, its field of expertise include building websites and diverse computer applications. Moreover, Inasoft is also very proficient in these areas: (1) programming and graphic design, (2) tech (or maintenance) and online marketing, and (3) development and building.

Inasoft's effective methodology provides online businesses with great web development services, and it guarantees a straightforward process in giving these services. After the consultation phase, online companies will be able to gain more knowledge with regards to how the Internet itself can be very beneficial for their respective businesses. In addition to this, Inasoft ensures that they get a working product that will be able to help them reach their own goals. Its methodology involve the following steps or processes:

  • Step 1: Initial meeting
  • Step 2: Research and concept development, Proposal and contract
  • Step 3: Design options, Mockup design, and Final design
  • Step 4: Front and back end programming
  • Step 5: Usability testing, Final improvement
  • Step 6: Live website
  • Step 7: Maintenance optimization

As of January 2013, their projects include the following:

  • Project 1: System Informasi Kepegawean (SIK)
  • Project Description: This project provides employment application system, multi-purpose fund-raising data and other important documents of government officials or private institutions, and facilitate archiving.
  • Project 2: Online Shop (GenT)
  • Project Description: This project provides shopping features which allow cart give to buy online with data archiving buyers, accounting records and orders.
  • Other projects: As of January 2013, Inasoft is working on 6 web profiles, two-system desktop applications and multiple programs. They also provide portfolio products for both websites and applications.